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Sierra Health and Life Insurance started out as a small, local insurance provider headquartered within the state of Nevada. As they grew and became successful, they were eventually bought out by UnitedHealthcare. Now they are a proud subsidiary of their parent company, but they still manage their Sierra Spectrum (Medicare Advantage) policies to local Nevada seniors, including Sierra Health & Life Medicare Plans.

Sierra Health & Life Medicare Plans.

Affiliated Brand Names
-- Sierra Health and Life
-- Sierra Health and Life Insurance
-- UnitedHealthcare
-- Sierra Spectrum

Thanks to the recent merger with UnitedHealthcare, Sierra Health and Life is now stronger and better able to care for their senior members within the state of Nevada. They offer a unique Medicare Advantage program called Sierra Spectrum which can help seniors manage their Medicare supplement needs. Unfortunately, they do not offer Medicare supplement insurance (Medigap) at this time. -- Market Experience
-- Fast Claims Processing
-- Strong Financial Reserves
-- Competitive Rates
-- Customer Satisfaction

Health Plan of Nevada (HPN) and Sierra Health and Life (SHL) provide affordable health care plans for thousands of individuals throughout the United States. When it comes to health plans, one size does not fit all. That's why we offer a variety of health plans to fit your health insurance needs.