Kaiser Permanente

Health Plans Just Right For You.

Kaiser Permanente brings together competitively priced health plans with high-quality doctors and hospitals. Our health plans give you options to cover the benefits you and your family need. And at most Kaiser Permanente medical offices, you can get many services in one convenient place.

So, just how much does group health insurance cost? In 2018, Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) found the average premium for single coverage was $575 per month, or $6,896 per year. The average premium for family coverage was $1,635 per month or $19,616 per year.

At Kaiser Permanente, we offer you a range of individual plans from which to choose, so you can select a plan that's right for you and your family. Kaiser Permanente offers a variety of affordable, quality health insurance plans for you and your family.

We can help you apply on your Health Insurance Marketplace. Please enter a valid ZIP code and choose your county. Thank you for your interest in Kaiser Permanente.

Kaiser short term health availability. Right now, Kaiser does not offer a short term health plans.

Kaiser Permanente health insurance plans provides insurance coverage at Kaiser Permanente hospitals and clinics. These medical facilities are staffed with high quality healthcare providers including primary care physicians and specialists.

Kaiser on the other hand will have HMO as their primary if only available plan. HMO is usually cheaper than PPO plans since the benefits are standardized. The money is then paid out to the hospital system to cover operating expenses and to the Permanente Medical group to pay the doctors. The system varies some from state to state. Kaiser is an insurance company and a medical health care facility. It provides one-stop shopping in that everything is usually under one roof.