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Coventry Health Care, Inc. (Coventry) is a diversified national managed health care company based in Bethesda, Maryland operating health plans, insurance companies, network rental services companies, and workers' compensation services companies. The company provides a full range of risk and fee-based managed care products and services, including HMO, PPO, POS, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Prescription Drug Plans, Medicaid, Workers' Compensation and Network Rental, to a broad cross section of employer and government-funded groups, government agencies, and other insurance carriers and administrators in all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

The managed care industry has experienced tremendous growth since its beginnings as a California experiment, and now provides health care services to millions of people. It is generally acknowledged that, over the past 10 years, the industry has substantially restrained medical inflation, reduced unnecessary tests and operations, and focused the nation's attention on preventive care. Coventry believes that the number of people who participate in managed care programs will continue to grow and that Coventry Health Care is positioned to be part of that growth.

Coventry Medicare

Coventry Medicare is available in Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Utah, and West Virginia. Coventry Medicare offers Advantra Freedom PFFS plans, Advantra Savings Medical Savings Account (MSA) plans, Advantra HMOs, PPOs, and POS plans as well as Advantra RX, Coventry's Medicare Part D plan, which has a network of over 60,000 pharmacies.

Coventry Medicaid managed care plans deliver integrated health care products and services in 9 states to over 900,000 members with low incomes. Our health plans are based in the communities we serve because we believe that health care delivered locally is the best way to meet our state partners' and members' needs.

Aetna Acquires Coventry Health Care, Inc. Aetna acquired Coventry Health Care, Inc. on May 7, 2013. As a combined company, we are now the third largest health care benefits company in America based on membership.

Coventry Health Plans

CoventryOne plans are a smart choice for individual and family insurance coverage. This plan offers a range of deductibles and coinsurances. CoventryOne members offer clear, affordable coverage, easy to understand plans that are designed by your needs and lifestyle, low co-pays and deductibles, and wellness and preventive programs.