Health Plans Just Right For You.

Your health insurance should give you the healthcare you deserve. And with Celtic health insurance, you can choose a high-quality plan that fits your needs. Our plans offer products and services for individuals and families that are easy to understand, access and use. Find health insurance with dependable benefits to help you lead a healthy, fulfilling life.

Celtic Insurance Company is a major provider of individual health insurance plans. They offer quality, affordable coverage tailored for children, individuals and families in all stages of life. Based in Chicago, Illinois, Celtic began operating in 1978 as a broker, insurance and reinsurance company for group life and health coverage. Today, the company had narrowed its focus and holds a strong commitment to the individual health marketplace. They focus on low cost individual health insurance and they have a strong commitment to superior service for their customers.

Celtic has been rated A- Excellent by A.M. for over 20 years and they have a reputation for financial stability and strength in the health insurance industry. They provide consumer-oriented products and services that offer affordable coverage while giving them control over their health care decisions. Their fast and easy to use application process can have you covered in no time.

Celtic Health Plans

CelticCare Preferred Health Plan is a comprehensive plan for children, adults, and families. It offers flexible health coverage with a choice of 80/20 or 100% coinsurance. Deductibles range from $500 to $5,000 and additional options include supplemental accident option and a prescription drug option. The three CelticCare individual health insurance plans that applicants can choose from are CeltiCare Preferred Select PPO, CelticCare Preferred "Any Doc" PPO, and the CeltiCare Preferred Managed Indemnity.

Celtic Basic Health Plan is quality, basic health insurance coverage that is one of the leading personal health insurance plans in the industry. It offers high deductible options, a no-hassle PPO with 80/20 coinsurance, and a prescription drug option. Celtic Basic is the ideal plan for the self-employed, young singles, and anyone in need of economical health coverage.

Celtic also offers HSA qualified health plans like the CelticSaver HSA. The CelticSaver is a high deductible major medical plan with the option of opening an HSA. Deductibles range from $1,500 to $5,000 for individuals and $3,000 to $10,000 for families. You can also choose from 80/20 or 100% coinsurance. The two high deductible plans that Celtic offers is the CelticSaver HSA PPO or the CelticSaver HSA Managed Indemnity.